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The Wedding Dress Hunt Is On!

If you know me, then you know that sometimes I struggle just to figure out what I'm wearing to work on Monday... HOW am I going to find the perfect wedding dress?!
Well, to start, I'll work with what I know. I've only been to one bridal shop (that I could afford) since being here in Dallas. When my friend Whitney got married, as her maid of honor, I went with her to try on dresses here, there, and everywhere! The bridal shop that stood out the most to me was the *ever so unique* A & Bé Bridal.

As the self-proclaimed "haven from the same old, same old", I immediately felt like they were speaking my language! See, the only thing that I really know about my wedding dress is that I don't want it to be like everything else out there. Uniqueness is the theme of my entire style existence! If I see something that I once loved now redone by every couple on Instagram or Pinterest... well, now I hate it. Thankfully, the team at A & Bé  has a strong collection of emerging designers and unique, fresh bridal styles that you won't see every day (PLUS a staff of women who really dedicate themselves to making sure you feel like a special bride).

Texture Is Key

One of the things that I learned during my 1st try-on session is that I really gravitate toward dresses with a lot of lace, beading, or both. (Jane Hill is the perfect designer for that!) Something about the extra texture is just really flattering for my body. HOWEVER, that side-boob situation is NOT cute for the big day!

This Jane Hill "Dolce" beaded gown was beautiful, but I think a more soft style from her line might be a bit better. I could see myself in an hourglass silhouette OR a fluffy ballgown, but not really a straight cut for my body type. Straight angles like this are not the most flattering for my short & curvy frame. It's the softer, more rounded lines that are better on me!


a&bé was born out of a desire to support the creative vibe and the community of brides who are looking for anything but the ordinary. a&bé is for the modern brides who relate to the indie aesthetic, the wandering vibe, the bohemian ethos, and the romantic spirit.

a&bé bridal shop is a small family of stores with locations in denverminneapolisdallasmiamiportland, and seattle. Each store is rooted in its local community, but as a family, they share a common desire and goal to ensure that across the country their brides have the best experience, a genuine connection with the stylists, and that they find her unique wedding dress! Check out their upcoming events or click here to make your appointment today!

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Stay tuned for my next dress shop visit to see what else I find on the wedding dress hunt!


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